Back to WordPress?!

I’ve migrated back from Jekyll to WordPress. Last time I tried it, I was on a really memory¬†constrained¬†VPS, but not only has WordPress got better at handling memory, but I’m also hosting it differently:

  • This site is an experiment in cloud computing. It’s running on a Rackspace Cloud server with an Ubuntu image. I’m a fan of their support (they kept badgering me on Twitter when I was tweeting about problems I was having) and setting up a cloud server is a lot simpler than Amazon EC2! They’re a lot more like standard servers, rather than fancy AMI images with elastic IP addresses and so on. I strongly suggest you give them a go – you pay by the hour so it’s not going to cost much to give them a try, and it’s liberating to be able to create servers so quickly!
  • I’m using a standard LAMP stack, but I’m using Nginx as a reverse proxy to handle all the static content. Hopefully this will reduce the load on Apache — leave it to handle just the dynamic content. I’ve also tweaked Apache’s configuration to consume less memory.

Why have I moved back to WordPress?

  • I’m doing some work with WordPress right now on a job I have, and it helps to have a play around personally as well. If you’re a regular reader you’ll notice my theme is more or less identical – it’s a custom theme I’ve made.
  • Jekyll was nice, but the barrier to entry for posting was far too high. I’d fire up TextMate, copy some meta data from another post, write the post (in Markdown), upload images manually if I wanted them, save the post with the right filename (I got this wrong a lot), push to Github, SSH to my server, pull from Github, tweet about the new post. That’s a lot of work which meant ideas for blog posts never went anywhere.
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