TweetDeck launches, competes with Twitlonger

TweetDeck has launched, a new service heavily integrated into TweetDeck for desktop, Android and Chrome (iPhone and iPad support coming soon) allows you to tweet messages longer than 140 characters. If your tweet is longer than 140 characters, a URL will be added on the end along with ‘(cont)’. Clicking the URL takes the user to a page showing the full tweet along with the opportunity to comment on the tweet using Disqus.

Of course, this isn’t the first service to provide this kind of functionality. TwitLonger benefits from integration with Twitter for iPhone so probably has the most market share here. What’s attractive about is that TweetDeck users will see the longer tweet in their client without having to follow the URL. As a developer, I’d like to know if they have any plans for an API. It’d be nice to provide this functionality for Twitterfall users. However I expect this will remain a unique feature for TweetDeck users – otherwise what would be the point? TwitLonger has an API however, and Newsgrange points out that Seesmic supports Twitlonger already.

I’m also confused by the use of Disqus comments. Is this an attempt to pull people out of Twitter? You can share comments through Disqus on Twitter, but why not utilise the Twitter API directly?

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  • I find it funny to think that Tweetdeck, with nearly $4 million in funding is competing with me, making TwitLonger in my spare time with exactly zero funding.

    Anyway, as you note, TwitLonger does have an API (as well as integration in dozens of clients) so if you’re interested in adding this functionality to Twitterfall (which I love, it’s awesome for conferences and hackdays), please do give me a shout either at or my personal email

    • Definitely interested, I’ll be in touch. If TweetDeck are moving into this space, then I might as well step up too 🙂

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  • michael redbourn

    Discovered a major bug in 🙁

    It often breaks links in the middle making them unusable.

    Haven’t found a way of contacting either tweetdeck or about this.

  • michael redbourn

    Discovered a major bug in 🙁 It often breaks links in the middle making them unusable. Haven’t found a way of contacting either tweetdeck or about this.