They Need To Be Fed Review

They Need To Be Fed is a new iPhone (and iPad) game from YoYo Games. You play as a little…black monster thing…and your objective is to navigate through each level collecting diamonds to ultimately be…eaten by a big black monster thing.

It sounds odd, but at its heart this is a 2D platformer with some interesting gravity mechanics. Clearly taking inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy and Soosiz, They Need To Be Fed is a charming, colourful and sometimes challenging platformer well worth your 59p ($0.99). In each level there are 2 or 3 diamonds which you can optionally collect – doing so unlocks new levels and worlds – and while they are sometimes difficult to collect, they are never really challenging so you’ll probably aim to get them all on your first run through the level.

You will die quite often, but you are immediately put back to the last checkpoint, and you don’t even lose the diamonds you collected. I think the game could’ve been made more challenging by forcing you to recollect the diamonds you got before you died, otherwise it’s too easy to go on a suicide run for the trickier ones.

Controls are fairly standard: buttons are overlayed on the bottom of the screen. Sometimes if you slide your finger from one arrow to the other it won’t register, and of course any game that has you walking upside down is going to be slightly confusing, so you might find yourself walking in the wrong direction!

For 59p ($0.99) you can’t go wrong. Go and buy it. There’s also an iPad version for £1.19.

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