Weird font corruption on Aion at high resolutions?

While trying to get Aion working on my 27” iMac, I noticed that the fonts looked a bit odd, almost as if they had little chunks taken out of them. I hunted around online for a solution but to no avail.

Turns out, at really high resolutions (though the same may apply to low resolutions depending on your font DPI settings I guess) the font just really isn’t meant to be scaled up that much (Aion increases the font size the larger the resolution). Simple go into the Game Options and turn down the ‘UI Size’. I put mine all the way down to 0.8 or so and it’s still all pretty large, and with the added bonus of the fonts not looking weird 🙂

There are still a couple of odd exceptions where the font isn’t quite right, but on the whole it looks a lot nicer.

As an aside, Aion runs really well on the new Core i7 iMacs.

Screenshot to come soon so you know what I mean…

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