A Propositional Simplifier

These are lecture notes from my Computer Science course. For learning about functional programming, in particular Haskell, I recommend Programming in Haskell.

We want to make something that derive clausal forms of formulae in propositional logic.

Remember on the slides/notes that > means ‘implies’. | means or.

You just do a specific sequence of actions to simplify. Can see this on the ‘Decompositions & Representations’ slide.

Loads of stuff about rearranging propositions. Is this really important? Doesn’t sound like FUN, sounds like MCS in Haskell.

Haha. Tail-closed is the same as ‘prefix-closed’ in FSS.

Examples of tail-closed properties of a list:

  • ordered
  • finite
  • infinite
  • no repeats
  • ‘does not contain x’

Examples of non tail-closed properties:

  • length (sorta)
  • ‘does contain x’
  • unordered
  • triangular
  • has repeats
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