Forget Mozy, use BackBlaze

Everyone should backup, but most people don’t. The plethora of new online backup solutions are making it a lot easier for people to backup and keep their data safe. Mozy and BackBlaze are two such services.

Mozy recently announced that they are scrapping unlimited backups because people are storing more stuff now and it’s costing them too much money. Granted, most people probably don’t need more than 50GB for $5.99/month, but for some people the bait and switch (a little harsh, Mozy haven’t changed their plans since 2006) doesn’t sit well with them, and if people are storing more stuff now, people might need more than 50GB soon!

I’ve never used Mozy, I’m a big BackBlaze fan. They offer unlimited backup for $5/month per computer. Here’s why you should use BackBlaze (instead of Mozy, if you’re a Mozy customer) for online backups:

  • They’re committed to unlimited backup. They openly admit they lose money from some heavy use customers, but they make it up from the others that use the service much more lightly.
  • They have a cool home-grown storage pod solution to keep their costs down, and for added geek points they told the world about it and instructed people on how to make their own. This shows commitment.
  • They’ll ship you your data on an external hard drive anywhere in the world (do Mozy do this?).
  • They have one plan, $5/month unlimited backup, no tricks or missing features.

So, if you’re with Mozy but you want unlimited backup, or even if you’re thinking of backing up your data to a secure remote location (you should be!), give BackBlaze a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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