Stop whinging about the new iPhone Twitter client

Twitter have launched what could be considered the first version of their website that properly demonstrates the monetization direction they are trying to take, and in conjunction they have unified their website, iOS (only iPhone for now) and Android clients.

Twitter power users seem to be unimpressed. They are unhappy with the loss of 1 tap access to Direct Messages (even though it’s just a swipe away) and feel the direction Twitter are taking is turning Twitter into less of a platform and more of a product, and a way to push advertising and branded information to them. Kinda like the rest of the web.

We all knew Twitter couldn’t be so nice to everyone forever and the signs were there when they started hanging on to private API calls and not giving access to key features to developers. Everyone has always asked the question “How will Twitter monetize?” and now the answer is starting to be evident.

My point is: When Facebook change their layout and millions set up groups to campaign for reversion, social media ‘experts’ look down their noses and laugh. But for some reason when Twitter redesigns¬†it deserves a serious critique. In my opinion it doesn’t, stop whinging.

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