Best of the Week: 8th July 2012

This week I made a standing desk at work out of leftover wood from wall of monitors. Photo taken by @petermacrobert

  • I haven’t given it a try yet, but the new SQL penetration-testing tool sqlmap¬†looks both awesome and scary. Check out the video for a demo of it being combined with Metasploit to exploit and run a payload on an insecure SQL server.
  • I’ve just caught up on The Verge’s Paul Miller’s plan to leave the internet for a year. His posts so far are quite thought-provoking, and if nothing else made me realise how much I pull out my phone in the smallest gaps of opportunity (e.g. in a lift). I’m now trying not to; what’s the point? I’m probably not missing that much on Twitter for those 30 seconds.
  • Ars Technica posted a really interesting in-depth look at how SSDs actually work. It includes a good basic explanation of how computers access data contained on solid-state memory (e.g. SSDs, RAM)¬†and why it is so fast (and completely different to magnetic media).
  • @seanlecky, a colleague (and friend) of mine has recently started a blog documenting Lean Startup methodology and how a large media company can apply it. It’s worth checking out and he needs plenty of encouragement!

And finally: what happens when you crack an egg under water? This.

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