Project 365 #14 – Hyrule Historia

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This photo is available for purchase on PicFair. Do not use it without permission (e.g. do not use it without buying it).

This arrived in the post for us today – I’ve had it on preorder for ages. It is a massive compilation of The Legend of Zelda artwork, concept art, and timeline goodness. It is the first place where Nintendo have published the complete Zelda timeline. It also looks really nice.

The ocarina belongs to Antonia. It’s a replica Ocarina of Time made by Songbird Ocarinas (you can’t buy the same one anymore). It’s one of her prized possessions and she kept a beady eye on me to make sure I handled it carefully.

Yes, we’re complete Zelda geeks.

I experimented with some different lighting for this shot, before finally settling on just using my flash (an ancient Cobra D400 that used to belong to my Dad) bounced at the ceiling with the rest of the room in complete darkness; I used my tripod to set up the shot. Finally I tweaked the shot in Lightroom very lightly; boosting the saturation and emphasising the green of the cover of the book.

Lens: 50mm f/1.8 II
Focal length: 50mm
Aperture: f/13
Shutter speed: 1/80
ISO: 800
Flash: Fired

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