Do Not Track support on Rivered

Today I added two new features to Rivered, one for me and one for you.

Firstly I have added Mixpanel Analytics to Rivered. This will allow me to better track feature usage and user behaviour which should help me focus on what needs to be improved on Rivered and hopefully help me get more users, which would be nice!

This means that Rivered now tracks you with both Google Analytics and Mixpanel. I appreciate that many people care about their privacy and to that end I have explicitly added support for the proposed Do Not Track HTTP Header. If you have your DNT header set (available in most modern browsers in their respective privacy settings) the Javascript for Google Analytics and Mixpanel will not be loaded. Instead their functions will be stubbed out, to allow the rest of my code to remain unaltered.

Do let me know if you think I’ve missed anything out as part of my DNT implementation. Right now you are still tracked via NewRelic. I will look in to fixing this too but NewRelic is more about technical monitoring than user behaviour tracking so I feel this is acceptable for now.

I also changed the font proportions between entry titles and website names. Thanks James!

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