Stuff I like (Week ending 29th January)

To try and get some more use out of this blog, I’m thinking of looking over my Pinboard/Instapaper/History each week and picking out a few things that I found really interesting over the course of the week. So here goes:

  • Chrome Web Timer has found a place next to my address bar in Chrome. It’ll be interesting to see how the statistics work out after a few weeks of using it. I’m probably going to suggest it to Pete like every other ‘focus’ tool I find.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time with the R&D 3D printer this week, and it’s getting better and better and less temperamental (though isn’t working right now!).  Therefore I expect Tinkercad, a tool for designing simple 3D models in your browser, will be useful in the future.
  • Twitter Bootstrap has become my default CSS toolkit, with the only disadvantage being everyone else uses it too! So I’m excited and intrigued by the news that Bootstrap 2 is ready for testing. Looks like they’ve added some really interesting stuff.

And finally, I bought myself a new coffee toy this weekend, a Zassenhaus coffee mill. It’s excellent and goes really well with my Aeropress.

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