Stuff I like (Week ending 5th February 2012)

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Maciej Cegłowski, creator of Pinboard, posted an article this week called The Five Stages of Hosting. In it he compares different hosting options (SaaS, cloud, your own datacentre) to different types of housing. It’s worth a read because Maciej is a firm believer in bare metal hardware, something which I can relate to. In particular, on Virtual Private Servers he says:

Sometimes you will REALLY notice the neighbors, and can’t do anything about it.

Atomix, the videogame magazine for iPad, have just launched version 2 of their iPad application with support for Newsstand. In addition, they have made their back-catalogue (and new issue) completely free. I’m not sure about this as a business move, but obviously it’s good for users! The first few issues are particularly good, as they have some great video and editorial content from Area5 (where are they now?!). They purposefully made sure the content wasn’t time-specific, so it’s definitely worth checking out the back issues if you’ve never read them before.

There’s a new version of Backbone – the Javascript MVC framework – out this week. They’ve made some interesting changes. If you use Backbone be sure to check out the Change Log.

And finally, The Times have launched a cycle safety campaign this week after one of their journalists, Mary Bowers, was hit by a lorry just yards from work. I heard the accident, it was on the road just outside my window (5 floors up), and I witnessed the aftermath. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what I heard and saw. Please pledge your support and cycle safely.

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