Stuff I Like (Week ending 19th February 2012)

Mountain Lion by digitalART2

Grace and Beauty by digitalART2

  • The big surprise news this week was Apple announcing OS X Mountain Lion being launched this summer. Nothing massively ground-breaking but I’m excited about getting an integrated Notification Centre (bye Growl?).
  • Trying to remember all these common grammar mistakes is difficult, but it’s worth a read any way. I’ve probably made one or two of them in this post.
  • Cloudberry Kingdom looks like a really interesting platformer. It algorithmically generates levels based on difficulty settings, and ‘insane’ really does look insane. They’ve been working on it for a ridiculous amount of time, I hope it gets in to the Live Arcade store.
  • It’s a bit buggy, but Caffeine Zone 2 is a free iPhone app for tracking your caffeine intake and telling you how much caffeine is in your system. (via Lifehacker)

Finally, possibly my oldest childhood friend (we were born within 1 month of each other and my parents are his godparents) got married this weekend. Congratulations Matt and Rosie! Here’s a of them being bombarded by confetti:

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