Stuff I Like (Week ending 26th February 2012)

Either this week has gone by really fast, or I just haven’t been sharing much, as my Pinboard/Buffer/Twitter timeline are remarkably empty! I guess I’ve been pretty busy at work finishing off our latest project which you should be able to see in a couple of days. I might post a write-up about it, as it was a pretty interesting task!

  • @seanhess posted an interesting article about Functional Reusable JavaScript. While some of his suggestions feel very verbose and ‘reinventing the wheel’ it’s interesting to see Haskell (other functional languages applicable) paradigms applied to JavaScript. Keep his ideas and thoughts in mind when you are writing JavaScript and you might find you write more reusable code.
  • The amazing-looking platformer Fez is now finished. I am super-excited for the release of this game and if you haven’t heard of it go and watch some videos of it right now.

And finally, The Sun on Sunday launched today in the UK. I work for News International (they own The Sun!) so this is a very exciting time to be working there! To promote the launch, The Sun set up ice sculptures full of 50 pence pieces slowly melting since Friday.

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