Best of the week (Week ending 18th March)

  • Tweetbot is the first (I think?) iOS client to implement the Twitter Streaming API, ahead of Twitter themselves. Only available for iPad on Wifi, it allows you to see new tweets posted in realtime.
  • Sparrow have released their new iPhone client. Sparrow is my favourite Mac email client, and I’m enjoying using the iPhone version, but the lack of deep integration and push notifications hurts it. I was hoping to use it as a secondary email client instead of the Gmail app for my work email, but unfortunately IMAP access is still disabled. Boo!
  • EpicEditor looks like a useful JavaScript Markdown editor. Not only is it really slick and simple, but try hitting the full screen button. Very impressive! Definitely going to try dropping this in to a few projects that have used Markdown but just had a plain text field.
  • ThatGameCompany released Journey this week on the PSN. I’ve played through it once and really enjoyed it, in particular the music and the art style. I’m hoping to get another couple of play-throughs in over the next week and then I might post a mini-review. Suffice to say if you appreciate art-y games you must try Journey.

And finally, there’s some new footage of Fez, the super-cool looking platformer that is coming out soon. Take a look:

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