Stuff I Like (Week ending 11th March 2012)

Quiet week again this week, I’ve hardly shared anything on Buffer/Pinboard/Twitter. The weird thing is I always feel like I am sharing lots of links and posts, not sure why…

  • Of course, the big news this week was Apple announcing the The New iPad. I’m really surprised it has a ‘retina display’ (I confidently told everyone I didn’t think it would),  I guess technology is moving faster than I thought as it means it nearly has as many pixels as my iMac and that struggles to run games at native resolution, so I’m interested to see how the iPad performs.
  • Rovio have released some Angry Birds Space gameplay footage (skip to the end of the video) and it reminds me a lot of Super Mario Galaxy. No bad thing though, I’m looking forward to it now!
  • Is space the new…earth? Flight Control Rocket sees the popular iOS game Flight Control set in space where you guide small spaceships to a…er…bigger spaceship. Launching later this month.
  • With Twitter adding support for SPDY, why not track the uptake of SPDY using this Chrome SPDY indicator extension?

And finally, our Adafruit Internet of Things Printer Project arrived at work and we got it up and running. On Friday we started a project to build a web frontend for it that let you select bits of data you want printed, and a schedule for when you want it printed. Kind of like the Little Printer. If we polish it up enough, we might even open source it!

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